"Volcano Town" (2015, play)

Volcano Town is a play in 12 parts set in Zoar PA, a small mining town full of mystery that may or may not be on the verge of being destroyed by a giant volcano. Along the way, there will be murder, romance, political intrigue, aviosodomy, time travel, secret societies, zoo lawsuits, missing celebrities, the rise of the commercial space industry, despair, the opposite of despair, Billy Joel-related conspiracy theories, ancient creatures, French Custard, the fate of all mankind, and much, much more.

All 12 parts of Volcano Town were performed at The People’s Improv Theater in New York City from January-December 2015. Created/Written by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio, & Alex Ramsey. Produced by Forever Dog Productions. Featuring a Cast of 70+, including Andrew Block, Allison Frasca, and Hallie Haas.